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I personally consider this world as a great book full of stories, to which I only try to attach some illustration.


Born in Pietrasanta (province of Lucca - Italy) on 29 August 1979, I currently live in the city of Lucca and after having completed an run artistic formation at the moment I work as a freelance documentary photographer, after having dealt with the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage for about twenty years.

 I've always been sensitive to the communication through the artistic expressive forms, in 2009 I was drawn to the photographic art and that, together with the curiosity of the traveller, has completely changed my life and given deeper meaning to my work. To travel and to convey feelings and showcase traditions through an image is to offer an emotional and cultural inheritance to those who will come after us, fixing the memory of the roots of humanity.


In 2015 I obtained a master's degree in photojournalism and documentary photography at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni school in Florence, Italy. So I start to practice the profession of freelance photographer realizing authorial projects and continuing to invest in my training in visual communication.


My works originate from the curiosity to know new worlds, from a careful observation of the surrounding environment, both from a scenic point of view, formed by lights, shadows and shapes, and from an emotional point of view, built mainly by an atmosphere or by the interaction that an individual has with it, with himself or with other individuals.

I love telling stories, documenting or expressing them, searching for the most suitable visual language to best narrate a certain reality or a personal reflection.

Photographing puts me more in touch with my deepest being: I can just let go of myself, leaving aside all forms of inner resistance, I get in tune and in an intimate relationship with what and who surrounds me in that particular moment.

I am always open to experimentation, to visual and inner research, every day is one more little experience that continues to make me evolve both as an artist as well as an individual.


Some of my works have been published in various magazines including GEO, VI Menn, Daily Mail, Credere, Messaggero di Sant'Antonio, Prier Magazine, L'oeil de la Photographie, ArtDoc Magazine, Asian Geographic, National Geographic Traveler and National Geographic Italia and have received international awards.

In my projects I am particularly attentive to anthropological and environmental aspects, being fascinated mainly by the human being and his intimate precious moments.


I collaborate with companies in the agri-food, tourism and industrial sectors, building authorial projects using visual language as a strong communication tool, seeking authenticity, the essence that each of us has and puts into what we are dedicated to, but which often it is placed in a drawer to align with that illusion in which we believe that to be appreciated it is right to be homologated.


"I personally consider this world as a great book full of stories, to which I only try to attach some illustration."

Phone & Location

Lucca, Italy.

Mobile:  +39 338 92 31 014


Collaborations whit JAM PRESS agency

Represented by TRiCERA ART Gallery


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